Dear All,

We are excited to announce that The Roll’s E-Coaching Platform is Launching. It’s been an idea and a goal to launch since 2012 and now it’s finally happening. A lot of hard work and great ideas has been put in by The Roll’s COO Inca Whyte and The Roll’s Digital Strategist Deniz Aygun. Thanks to them this vision has been realized!

We created the platform to provide the following value:

  • Robust digital experience and tools for clients
  • Improve the client’s user experience and satisfaction
  • Improve the coach’s user experience and satisfaction
  • Improve the optimization, efficiency and time management of the coaching process
  • Provide the possibility to customize to our own or client needs
  • Capture useful date for the client
  • Provide the possibility to scale and provide scalable systems for clients
  • To provide a platform to connect great coaches with great clients
  • To deliver an expanding supply of digital services like audio files, etc to clients

More news coming soon! Click here for more info on the digital coaching environment.
BR/ Grant

Screenshot from an example of a program in The Roll’s new E-Coaching Platform