Some of the more eagled eyed of you may have noticed we’ve been slowly updating our look and feel on social media, website, materials, presentations, emails and other communication channels. We created a brand-new logo, icons, background images, font styles, and a fresh colour palette. That’s right, The Roll has a new visual identity!

Our new identity

You might wonder, ‘what was wrong with the old identity’? Nothing, like all good things it was time to evolve. Our original identity was designed for the company's initial growth phase, and few communication channels in mind. Fast-forward 7 years and we are ready for the next step. Our brand has to be more versatile with a developing digital organization, an e-coaching platform, podcast and much more. To tie all these things together, the identity needs to look professional and good in our offline communication, website, blog, podcast, social media and e-coaching platform. On top of that, for our different business activities we need to be distinctively unique as well as recognizably united.

The Roll visual identity logos

The primary full-color logo should be used when the logo appears in isolation, or away from other brand material whereas the subtle logo is used within a larger piece of brand collateral to let the content speak.

Our thinking

So, what do these new colours and shapes mean? We tried to translate our values, norms and core activities into a visual form. This resulted into a ‘refined and understated’ gamma at the center of a professional, supportive and collaborative organization. Contemporary colors and gradients add freshness and have a more progressive feel, underlining our energetic and motivational side as well as a present-day focus on e-coaching and innovation.

The Roll colour usage

This very publication has been redesigned

A big thank you to everyone who worked on the new design, especially our amazing designer Ben Hayward, our inspiration Grant Calder, our project manager Jens Woestenburg and our digital implementors Deniz Aygun and Inca Whyte. We hope you love our new visual identity as much as we do and embrace it with open arms.