Leadership Development

For developing and growing leaders, we manage different types of sessions and programs specifically designed to fit high-potential individuals in your organization.

Each organization and individual faces different types of challenges as it moves through different life stages. This is why our leadership programs are custom built around different themes, depending on the organization’s needs and ambitions.

How do we work leadership development? We usually use one of the following techniques or a combination of them:

▪ Group programs
▪ Workshops
▪ Individual coaching
▪ Group coaching

The themes that are often used in our programs are:

▪ Change management (ITC - Immunity To Change)
Agile leadership

▪ Resilient leadership
▪ Enterprise leaders
▪ Relationships and collaboration
▪ Self-awareness

A broad set of tools

These leadership programs are built up by a combination of different individual and group sessions that together form the learning and development cycle.

Group coaching sessions
Group lectures & workshops
Peer-to-peer coaching sessions
Individual coaching sessions
Individual or peer-to-peer assignments
Resource learning

Much of our methodology comes from the highly-accredited book “The five dysfunctions of a team” written by Patrick Lencioni. The key aspects of this book are integrated into agile management and change management within our program design and assessment methods.

We hope to have sparked your interest. If we did, drop us an email or give us a ring!