Today, Oct 17, 2019 we (Grant Calder and Mia Örhn) enjoyed delivering SSE Career Clinic – Your USP & Networking. It was part of the Career Management Open Clinic Workshop Series sponsored by Head of SSE Career Management Cecilia Frietsch.

Workshop Agenda

1.Hidden job market

2.Networking & cold calling for a job

3.USPs – Unique Selling Points and how you stand out

4.Elevator pitch

5.Recruitment events

6.Digital opportunities

It was great to hear the students’ Key Takeaways:

“I never realized how important and big the Hidden Job Market was”

“The structure of preparation for networking meetings, elevator pitch was really helpful”

“It was really helpful to learn how to write a cold call and networking email or LinkedIn message”

“The importance of being very clear on your USPs Unique Selling Points and how to construct them”

“The importance of connecting with the other person…finding a way to build a connection socially with them ”

“The importance and goal of getting 1-1 Meetings”

Some Slides & Key Points from Our Workshop Today

Presentation Title Slide
Quote from Pascal Buehrig (SSE 2016 MSc in Finance Graduate) delivered from an Alumni perspective at the CDA 2018 Amsterdam Kick Off.
Our Workshop Agenda
The “Hidden Job Market” of Unadvertised positions is 75% and job seekers should get proactive in networking and cold calling to find a job!
This is our Networking Meeting Preparation Tool. It is a template and structure of best practices for an effective networking meeting
Your USPs are your Unique Selling Points. Ask yourself the question, “Does this make me stand out?”. Provide interesting information with some details. What are your 3 Key Unique Selling Points for that role? How were you a STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result quantitive/qualitative measurement). What are your Key Strengths & relevant experience?
What is your elevator pitch you can deliver in any conversation or interview?
Here is the Elevator Pitch Structure!
How to prepare and interact with Recruiters at a Recruiting Event
It’s all about making a memorable good impression!
My amazing collaborator…the one and only Mia Örhn in action speaking about the Elevator Pitch Structure.
After the workshop, Mia and I headed to Joe & The Juice to debrief. What worked well, what could work better, some fun, relaxation and planning for the future. Good professional team work 🙂