Coaching revolution

A single point of access to streamline your coaching and management activities. Eliminate all but your coaching interaction to realize your clients' full potential!

The Roll e-coaching is a powerful digital solution that helps manage coaching programs, big or small, for coaching companies and individual coaches.


Based in Stockholm, Sweden, we are a team of coaches and developers. Our platform is built by coaches, for coaching.

We have a heart for coaching, innovation and digital technology.


Built by coaches for coaches

What started off as a vision in a meeting room in London just over a year ago has now become a powerful reality.

We wanted to create a tool that could help us manage our everyday coaching activities.

Over the course of the year we've had direct action over the direction and development of the solution, tailoring it for real coaching needs and desires.

We've come up with great features and solutions to various use cases that we would love to share with potential coaches or businesses that are interested in licensing.



Providing coaches with a tool that enables them to engage and interact with their clients with ease and convenience.


Designed with scalability in mind so you can have as many programs and sessions as you want


Various email notifications are sent out to keep yourself and your client(s) updated and reminded


Keep on top of your client(s) with the tracking table that provides a great overview of your client(s) and their progress

Calendar integration

Your booked meetings will automatically appear on your integrated calendar of choice, this includes details of the session and client(s).


We provide technical and non-technical support so that you can integrate your coaching practices swiftly and focus on what you do best

Continuous progress

With our active and passionate team there's continuous progress and improvements being made with room for your suggestions and requests

Billing Overview

See a breakdown and overview of billing per coach, session and program

How does it work?

Below is the general workflow for getting started:

  1. Register for a coaching account
  2. Setup and customize the platform to your liking - adding programs, sessions and materials
  3. Invite your client(s) to register themselves
  4. Set your availability so that your client(s) can book and register meetings - useful for keeping track and records.

From here your client(s) can access your program, it's sessions and materials, and you can focus on what you do best, delivering your coaching without having to worry about the small details.

We hope to have sparked your interest. If we did, drop us an email or give us a ring!