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Are you really passionate about a certain topic, want to be a thought leader, and grow? Be a guest on our podcast!

As part of our knowledge sharing mindset and content marketing plan, we are producing a series of podcasts. We share and discuss a variety of topics within coaching, and are looking for guests that would like to do this with us. With three episodes recorded, we're still looking for people that want to share an idea they're really passionate about.

Do you have an interesting story, would love to discuss current trends or have your voice heard?

What can you expect?

We will start of with a series of 10 podcasts, each with a different topic and a special guest. Topics that have been discussed are for example Dare to Grow, Creating Cohesive and Effective teams, and Never Give Up & Set Bold Goals. For about an hour you will have a conversation with the host, Grant Calder, and side-kick Jens Woestenburg. We are open to every topic you’d like to bring to the table and love to discuss what helps you or your clients realize their full potential.

Before recording, we try to have two meetings with you exploring the topic you'd like to talk about, share topic related resources and thoughts, and create an agenda of talking points.

The final product is going to be published on and will be spread through different services like LinkedIn, Facebook, Apple podcasts etc.

You get the full right to share and use the podcast audio in your own professional networks or coaching. Use it to share your ideas and get your voice heard within your network!

Contact me or Grant if you are interested!

For more info see the podcast debrief here.

Jens Woestenburg

+46 70 329 90 64

Feel free also to instead share your name and email with us so we can get into contact with you 🙂

Grant Calder

+46 70 834 58 92