Academic Programs

We have different coaching options for students and people related to the academic world, depending on their goals and current career status.

Combining the best of verbal coaching with directive pre-assignments

For students of undergraduate programs

Students sometimes face hard challenges in finding ways to personally and professionally develop themselves, as they are generally just starting their careers. Exposed to relatively high levels of stress due to grades, performance, internships, job searching, and other factors related to the environment they can benefit from coaching on different levels.

We’ve found that students that are coached increase their chances of landing their dream job or internship, have a better picture on themselves, are more collaborative towards others and increase their general sense of well-being.

Apart from the skills and competencies deriving from coaching, previous programs have shown to strengthen students’ relationship with the organization and fellow students, contribute to leadership skills required in modern careers and increase engagement with the faculty even after graduation.

Connect with us to see if we can integrate with your program and work together on increasing your students’ performance.

Apart from individual coaching we also use:

  • Peer-to-peer coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Group lectures & workshops
  • Motivational speaking
  • Teambuilding

Your coaching has definitely been one of the highlights of my 2 years in Stockholm

- Nicolas Suarez Rivera
SSE MFIN Master student

For executive educational programs

Apart from coaching in bachelor and master programs aimed towards collaboration, personal growth, and job search we build and manage programs for executive educations. These are created upon knowledge from leadership development programs and focus on growing high-potential individuals to even greater levels.

You can also benefit from the unique coaching approach we offer for leadership and combine the best of verbal coaching with directive pre-assignments. Our goal is to incorporate educational coaching skills to participants to increase their career success and growth.

Another objective is to learn and apply leadership skills and coaching techniques through peer-to-peer coaching. Organizations, as well as individuals, face different types of challenges as they move through different life stages. Leadership programs are custom built around different themes, depending on the organization’s needs and ambitions. Themes that are often used in our programs are:

  • Change management (Immunity To Change)
  • Agile leadership
  • Resilient leadership
  • Enterprise leaders
  • Relationships and collaboration
  • Self-awareness

Peer-to-peer coaching

Peer-to-peer coaching increases the learning curve for participants, teaching them valuable collaborative and coaching skills that are in high demand in corporate environments while increasing the efficiency of the program making it more attainable and cost-effective for program managers.

Personal coaches

As no individual is the same, each coach personally adapts the programs’ format to enhance their success. In addition, we offer participants to select a coach that they feel best matches their goals and our academic program combines the best of individual verbal coaching with directive pre-assignments.

We hope to have sparked your interest. If we did, drop us an email or give us a ring!