Our Team

This is us! The internal team consists of diverse and international individuals each with a unique skill set that is complementary to the rest.

Alongside the internal team, we work with a strong team of consultant coaches who continuously work on delivering coaching to our clients, help to design our programs and challenge us to greater extends each and every time.

Johanna's Profile Picture
Coach & Coach Engagement Officer

Johanna Gartz

Johanna has a background in management and HR, and is also qualified in conflict management. She has through out her career been working with people from different – and sometimes vulnerable – situations in life. Her career is permeated by a coaching approach and she is strongly motivated by coaching individuals and organisations through phases of development and change. She believes in the individuals option to find their own solutions of challenges in life – if someone sets the correct questions.

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Director of Operations

Inca Whyte

Inca is a Swedish, English and Australian triple national from Stockholm, Sweden. He has a background in technology and started his first IT consulting business at the age of 11. Inca runs the day-to-day operations at The Roll, manages & develops our technological solutions and works to improve and optimise our processes. He also supports The Roll’s Coaches & Clients with operational and technological expertise.

Advisory Partner & Sr Coach

Stina Palmqvist

Stina has over two decades of Business Development and leadership training consulting experience including leadership development, organizational business development and design, and team building facilitation. She has worked with clients in both the private and public sector.

CEO & Head Coach

Grant Calder

Grant is an American from New York City, who has been living and working in Stockholm Sweden since 2000. He has twenty-five years of experience in founding and managing entrepreneurial companies, sales organization management, international negotiations, management consulting, public speaking, organizational training and executive & career coaching. He is on advisory boards for academic, philanthropic and business organizations.

Michèle Profile Picture
Advisory Partner & Sr Coach

Michèle Barnett Berg

Michèle has over two decades of international human capital consulting experience including leadership and talent development, change management, executive onboarding, team-building facilitation, organizational optimization and design, executive coaching, executive search, and talent assessment. She has worked with a variety of global clients and organizations in the private and public sector as well as with academic and executive education institutions.


Karin Ulfhielm

Karin is passionate about people. After starting her own company, she has been facilitating change and development within small and large organizations as a consultant/change leader. Leadership development, employee development and coaching have been major themes of her career and business. When working with clients, both on an organizational as well as an individual level, she has a holistic and systemic perspective.

Digital Strategist

Deniz Aygun

Deniz is a British national with an undergraduate degree  in Computer Science BSc (Hons) from the University of Kent. Dedicated to ensure that our digital systems are constantly being developed and improved.

Project Manager

Jens Woestenburg

Jens is a Dutch national with a masters degree (Msc) in Business Development and Internationalization from Umeå University. With a passion for sustainable business development, he streamlines our project management, marketing and works on scalability and growth of our activities.


Evelina Balfe

Evelina is a Swedish native with a management background in PR and communication. She works as a coach, management training professional and process facilitator. Evelina coach, designs and facilitates development programs in the areas of leadership, career development, group development, change- and conflict management for businesses and individual. Evelina is passionate about inspiring and encouraging the groups and individuals she works with to find their true power, and by setting goals beyond old beliefs and comfort zones - live happier, successful and fulfilled lives. 


Catherine Miller

Catherine is a consultant and global leadership & transitions coach. She works with individual leaders and teams in the areas of leadership development, change management, goal achievement, strategy development, personal growth, emotional intelligence and transitions.
She has the keen ability to understand the big picture, put things in a larger context and think strategically. She is an authentic leader and coach who inspires sustainable change and goal achievement.

Sales & Business Developent

Michael Ballard

Michael is an American from Seattle, he has been in Sweden since 2018 studying his Master's Degree in Finance at the Stockholm School of Economics. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance & Entrepreneurship from the University of Washington Foster School of Business and a Machine Learning Certification from the University of Washington. Passionate about building businesses, inspiring people, and changing the world Michael leads our business development efforts at The Roll.

Inyang's Profile Picture

Inyang Eyoma Bergenstråle

Inyang is a Swedish, British, Nigerian triple national with over two decades of experience in coaching leaders, national teams and elite athletes to high performance, wellbeing, stress management and sustainable health. Strategies for implementation of action and a systematic approach to achieving set goals in several areas of life, gets results for world champions, corporate leaders and entrepreneurs.  She is a certified ICF Coach, Nutritionist from Karolinska Institute of Medical Nutrition in Stockholm and trained in Behavioral Science for Physical Activity and Food Intake.



Right now we don’t have any open positions.

But, we are always open for great talent so feel free to write info@theroll.com with an open application.

If you are interested in becoming part of our coaching / consulting team, then please visit our coaching network page.

We hope to have sparked your interest. If we did, drop us an email or give us a ring!