What we do and who we are

The Roll AB is an international human capital management consultancy based in Stockholm, specializing in designing and delivering career, leadership, team and executive coaching programs for organizations and individuals.

Founded in 2012, we’ve developed a portfolio of services for companies, universities and private individuals. These service include assessments, coaching, workshops, program management & design, an e-coaching platform, learning & development content and coach training. Our focus is on empowering you and your organization to realize your full potential personally, professionally and as a leader. We do this with a coaching approach to leadership, delivering you and/or your team with the skills you need to excel.

This is our Unique Value Proposition, and we deliver on it through an innovative integration of Individual Coaching, Review and Research, Curriculum of Coaching IP (Materials, Learning Assignments, Protocols & Tools), Inspiration, Systems Approach, Knowledge Management, Assessment Testing and more.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. Persist. And March Forward.

Our mission

We are motivated by the challenge of Empowering You To Realize Your Full Potential because you stretch yourself to make this world a better more interesting place through your skills, strengths, achievements and success. We do this with our mantra; Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. Persist. And March Forward.

Why ‘realize your full potential'

Seeing and doing. Everyone has a unique set of qualities and abilities, your potential. It stands for your competency to develop, achieve and succeed while looking into the future. On the other hand, realize represents the actionable, pragmatic approach to completing your personal and professional goals.

Our approach - 12 principles











Key Success Factors


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